Crafting universes formed by objects not related and charged with metaphor’s, hidden stories and schemes, Mary ventures into the enigmatic an illusory world of intricate images that borders on is surrealism. Influenced by artist like: Dali, Rembrandt and Gaudi among many others, Mary fuses the world of design with photography to create moments that are reflected in her artworks. We can perceive concepts transformed by her hypnotic worlds and imaginary pieces, into composites from non-related objects to emotions and sensations that collide with the synapsis of the mind. Highly influenced by Italian and Spanish Art movements, helped to shape her own style. 

Born and raised in Colombia, Mary studied Graphic Design as major. During her career she found in photography real expressions of her enigmatic world. Supported by knowledge in design, Mary ventures on proposing, new surreal glances of contemporary photography merging it, with traces of Colombia culture.